in memory

I've started this blog because I know how hard it is to scrap LOs
about lost loved ones; they're hard to do and they're hard to show people.

There isn't a lot of inspiration in the scrapping world when it comes to grief and loss.
I hope other scrappers will come here and find inspiration, or leave it for others.

PLEASE BE WARNED that some pictures or posts on this blog may be upsetting or confrontational.

Tonis' story

I lost my son Levi on July 22nd, 1996. He was 48 days old, and was a SIDS baby. I had no-one around me who had been through anything similar and needed desperately to talk to someone else who had lost a child and survived, because I needed to know I could too. Sometimes I felt like I couldn't go on. But you know, time passes, and you do begin to pick up the pieces of your life again.

I began making an album for Levi because it was all I had. The only physical thing I own to remind me that he was here, that he was real.
No baby books or family photos for us - I have only two photos of him alive. (My camera picked a really bad time to malfunction!)
So his album contains mostly stuff about his death. I resent that sometimes; it isn't fair. But then I remind myself that I am so fortunate to have those two photos. So many mums don't even have that.

Most of the time, I am OK. Every now and then, I have a bad day (or two) and of course, the anniversaries are always hard. His life and death are a part of me, and always will be.