in memory

I've started this blog because I know how hard it is to scrap LOs
about lost loved ones; they're hard to do and they're hard to show people.

There isn't a lot of inspiration in the scrapping world when it comes to grief and loss.
I hope other scrappers will come here and find inspiration, or leave it for others.

PLEASE BE WARNED that some pictures or posts on this blog may be upsetting or confrontational.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

What do I put in the album?

Short answer - whatever you want.

I think chronologically, so I started with pregnancy stuff (ante-natal cards, ultrasound pics etc) -- then did all the birth stuff like announcements, cards, the stuff from his hospital 'bed' thingy, birth certificate, the Medicare card with his name on it -- and the two photos I have of him alive. Anything that showed he was a person, he was real, he was here.

Then I moved on to the rest of it -- I kept everything I could, and I'm slowly getting that all safely scrapped and stored. I plan to include the autopsy report, the death certificate, all the cards and notes I received -- because it all means something to me. I want it all included to show it's importance.

But that is my personal decision. You need to only include what you are comfortable with, and remember that can change at any time and you can add or take things away.

I'll be putting some pages from Levis' album up soon. Like, maybe next week if I can get my act together.


  1. This would be such a difficult thing to do. I totaly admire you girls for your strength and courage to get this blog up and going.
    BIG HUGS to you both

  2. What an amazing and selfless thing to do Toni!!!
    This will inspire and relate to those who have
    loved and lost........YOU are the Angel!!!

  3. This is a great idea.....I'm sure that this will aid your healing process too....I'm also sure that it has caused you many a tear...I thank you for being so brave and allowing us to join your journey....I think that what you had done so far is excellent...thank you very very much for sharing!!
    With love

  4. Oh Toni! This made me cry. I can see the love in every page. We visited Levi on Easter and I left him a letter. Its something so terrible to go through, Im glad your strong enough to use it in a positive way.